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Digital Artist

Romina is a one of a kind digital artist from Tyrol, Austria. Each of her pieces seem beautifully plucked from a mystical dream.

What's your story?

I have always been very passionate about drawing & painting. When I got my first computer at the age of 13, I was astonished by the possibility to draw digitally. Of course, at the time drawing tablets didn't exist. Nevertheless, I enjoyed mixing colors together, erasing and adding lines by using the mouse. I really felt like a magician and I knew "This is what I want to do for the rest of my life". Of course, as a kid I wasn't even aware that a job called "illustrator" existed. I studied graphics and art history until the age of 21. From that moment on I decided to save my money in order to afford design college, from which I graduated in 2014. A few months later a dream came true: I founded my own business called "Schwebewesen". In 2015 I finally started to sell my art online. I create designs for different home decor products, apparel, but also classic wall art.

Purple Fantasy Railroad

What's your creative process?

After having a delicious breakfast, the day in my office begins (with a lot of my favorite music). There is a clear idea in my mind which appears in my dreams or rather spontaneously. The topic for every single artwork is influenced by feelings, moments, music, weather and other factors. I begin with a digital scribble on my Wacom tablet, followed by a digital vector draft. Finally, lights, shading, textures, effects and colors are added to the final artwork. The next huge part is to customize files for different products. When these products are online and ready to sell, it is time to promote them on my website as well as on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Fantasy Winter Mountain View

What makes your work unique?

As every artist, I am consciously and subconsciously influenced by artists that I admire. When technique entwines with the artist's feelings and emotions - this is, in my opinion, what makes an artwork unique.


I create surreal and dreamy vector art with a touch of vintage, minimal art and flat design elements. Choosing the right colors and textures that communicate emotional messages is of prime importance for my designs. Besides, I am really passionate about adding a fairytale feeling and also a touch of mystery and surrealism to my works. When people drift away in to their own magical place somewhere in their imagination while looking at my work, then that is possibly the most beautiful compliment I can receive as an artist. 

Muscian Floating On Bubble

What advice do you have for other digital artists?

Have fun with everything you do. Experiment a lot. Learn from errors and be patient. I am convinced that a recognizable and consistent style is of major importance. Enjoy what you are doing and don't try to force anything. Also, don't try to be perfect, which in my opinion, is not possible. Stay true to yourself and do what makes you happy. Be inspired by other artists, not intimidated. Work hard, but don't forget to have a healthy work-life balance. Meet friends, go out and do sports - that's where loads of inspiration come from!

Falling Birdhouse

Where can we find your work?

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